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Coriander, Maidenhair, Orange Blossom!

Coriander: What do you consider most beautiful? uhhh im really not sure maybe like.. sunsets are nice i guess. sunrises are too but ive noticed that sunsets are prettier most of the time. its like store brand and name brand food sometimes theyre comparable quality and sometimes one is just better than the other even though theyre essentially the same thing in the end kajdfjgf

Maidenhair: What's your favorite outdoor activity? oo hm,,, i guess maybe walking? or 4 wheelin. maybe snowmobiling too but i havent done that in years akhdrkfghkfdghd

Orange Blossom: Favorite fruit? grapes,,, only red ones though the others suck those lil brown pears are really good too but i always forget what theyre called. despite their drab appearance theyre honestly way superior to the green ones