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i wouldnt have become permanently oxidized by the byproducts of cyanobacteria. rip to earths primordial atmosphere but im different

ajdfhjg god i should probably try harder to kick the habit of like. only responding to certain posts in tags rather than actually responding thru repour

thinks about how my new school has a scanning electron microscope. thinks about how my new school has a scanning electron microscope. thinks about how my new school has a sc

think i might fuck around and make a minecraft sideblog... i cant rlly post any ~aesthetics~ bc i cant build nor run any cool shaders but maybe i can like. draw stuff at least

damnb,, i kinda wanna fuck around and make a minecraft sideblog but i cant post pretty screenshots bc i cant build and my laptops too crappy to use any shaders

i start being active again for the first time in like a month and i IMMEDIATELY lose a follower ajfgkjadfgkjf big mood

so was anybody gonna tell me tumblr got sold again for less than 3 million bucks or was i supposed to find that out through a shitpost about booty shorts

being on waterfall but not being part of the Hot Post Topic Of The Week feels exactly like when you join a new discord server but everyones already been talking for ages and already separated into their own sorta cliques so you just kinda sit there while everyone screams about dirt or cheese or whatever

i see its food discourse hour on waterfall again so lets talk about fry condiments ill start
the only thing fries are good in is ketchup and mayo mixed together. plain ketchup is okay but its on thin fucking ice

god i love writing. especially fiction with convoluted worldbuilding and weird ass plots. i just made a man shoot someone over heavily government regulated glue so he and his ex can fuse their bodies together to pay off a debt and it makes perfect sense in the setting. nobody can yell at me for it. i am the god of a minor realm

if you dont like cosmo sheldrake please unfollow me until you get some standards

kevin barnes: theres nothing sadder than an old woman in the cemetery, picking leaves off of her husbands tomb, knowing that her only wish is that she will die and join him soon :)

me, just trying to draw furry fluff:

im a simple man. i see that someone reblogged a lemon demon post, i follow them immediately

during the school week im too tired to do anything and during the weekend i have to help move shit at my granddads and when i get back home im too tired to do anything and its been like this for 3 weeks now and im just in a constant state of

imagine feeling like you're a part of your friend group and that they actually welcome you. this post made by being outcast by your peers and having what people do stick around lie to your face constantly about everything gang