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I decided to do a redraw in between things

Faira in 2020 vs 2017

Was tempted to do a painterly style again but I decided I'd prefer to stick with what comes more naturally!

Chimeran Legends Ch 2. Pg. 3

One of my favorite pages from Chimeran Legends Chapter 2.

You can find the page here.

And you can start reading Chimeran Legends here!

Updates on Thursdays!


Chibi commission for @/xPomPasteque from @/AzurSakura on twitter!

Chubby chibis

Some chibis i made for my girlfriend.

Everyone seems to love them hahah

year of the mouse!

tiny! big love!

- Twitter Mirror - Dragon!Lio and DalmatianMix!Galo.

bonus doodles:

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vexwyn -

Black and White

quick bust sketch of my new oc

a whole lotta spaghetti

To start off the blog and see where it will roll, here id my most recent art!

And because Blair

Here's a cute portrait I got from Jelly~

Because more OC posting

Here we have my spidermouse Blair and her wife Tamma

Tamma is not my character, she belongs to a friend

Blair is a sweetheart who just wants to make clothes and paint and live a quiet life with her wife and be frients with anyone that happens by but she is also a dangerous forest witch with venom that can melt a person from the inside out in minutes so y'know if push comes to shove

Art by Pinabble

Another Jelly art of one of my characters!

Kinda cheating though, this was actually an adopt that Jelly designed

Her name is Ry'la, she's a barista who also happens to be an ice mage that likes to call herself "Snow Angel" because she thinks it makes a cute superhero name


My fursona, Mochi, playing some football & repping her home team!

Fox redraw

A redraw of this traditional fox design that's the last image. I might make the anthro version eventually... a random design that ended up well even if this was just to test this new bamboo mixed media paper. I had a fail safe photo and a color test I did digitally here too. Traditional art is fun.

Another 2019 piece (I'll get to only uploading new stuff I promise :v)

More... Dynamic? lights and shadows are still something I need a lot more experience with but I feel like I've been getting there

Reuploading this as an art post this time

A 2019 piece that I wanted to put here to bolster the blog a little

First of what is likely to be many Faira posts because she is my favourite OC and I draw her the most despite having like 23 others that need attention >.>

Sketch: Karu

Simple sketch on my iPad Pro :3


Hi, I'm Carlina!

I enjoy drawing furry related art and love watching anime with my husband. <3

If you're interested in a commission, toss me an idea and I'll give you a quote. :3

A couple of 2019 sketches that I did for some twitter peoples

I occasionally take requests for sketches like these from mutuals

I should really take them more than occasionally