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witchesflower asked:

Coriander, Maidenhair, Orange Blossom!

Coriander: What do you consider most beautiful? uhhh im really not sure maybe like.. sunsets are nice i guess. sunrises are too but ive noticed that sunsets are prettier most of the time. its like store brand and name brand food sometimes theyre comparable quality and sometimes one is just better than the other even though theyre essentially the same thing in the end kajdfjgf

Maidenhair: What's your favorite outdoor activity? oo hm,,, i guess maybe walking? or 4 wheelin. maybe snowmobiling too but i havent done that in years akhdrkfghkfdghd

Orange Blossom: Favorite fruit? grapes,,, only red ones though the others suck those lil brown pears are really good too but i always forget what theyre called. despite their drab appearance theyre honestly way superior to the green ones

bodys asked:

OMG i love ur new icon


corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 asked:

🌸,🌳&🌻? :^)

🌸 - Do you have any flowering trees in your area? When do they bloom? ooo hm.. im pretty sure all the apple trees around here bloom at least!! ive never actually rlly seen em bloom in person though so i have no idea when they actually flower :( id assume around spring though! gonna find out this year bc i actually live by some this time akjdfgkjfaf

🌳 - Do you like the woods? Have you ever hiked or camped in them?
YES theyre so nice!! ive camped, hiked, went four wheelin,, n snowmobilin,, love those funky lil trees hell yeah

🌻 - Do you eat plant seeds, such as sunflower, watermelon, or pumpkin seeds? If so, how do you eat them?
sometimes yeah! not a lot though.. when i do its either like. salted sunflower seeds or roasted pumpkin seeds

birman: are you gentle and soft-hearted?
i... honestly dont know like. im not INTENTIONALLY an asshole??? but im also not an uwu soft boye either yknow?? so i guess no? but im not a dick either ajdfgag

tortoiseshell/calico: are you snarky and/or proficient with sarcasm? akjfdhkgj ugh yeah kinda.... im not sure id say im sarcastic though?? like believe me i dont mind using it but its not something i use ALL the time
i guess i could definitely be considered a bit snarky though at least irl

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 asked:

🎨 & πŸ“? :^)

🎨 bright, dark, or pastel colors?
hrn.. kinda depends what mood im in... bright/pastel colors are really nice though most of the time

πŸ“ have you ever had a penpal?
iiii think i had one in like?? third grade or something? idk i remember having to do some sorta pen pal thing for some sorta elementary school thing but its rlly vague so idk if its just some weird dream im mistaking as fact or not

bodys asked:

🌼 and πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ :β€’)

🌼 succulents or flowers?
flowers.... they smell so good... in theyre so pretty :>

πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the ocean?
ive actually never swam in the ocean so id have to say the pool i guess

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 asked:

who would win in a fight? mr jack stauber or mr lemon demon :^)

you fucking idiot they'd be friends. they wouldn't fight they'd just bond over both making absolute fucking bangers about telephones. jack looks like he has rabies though so I guess he would win anyways yeah

themythicalumbreon asked:

i’m very happy to see people post about things they like!! seeing you post all that music was soft skfjsnfdfns


themythicalumbreon asked:

22 & 23!!

22. what song gets you the most pumped? which song makes you go from exhausted to positively apeshit in an instant? TOUCH TONE TELEPHONE.... or dead weight. or cabinet man or reaganomics or maybe rapture rapes the muses too OR video killed the radio star or how lester lost his wife or bill watterson or tea errors and ESPECIALLY you're at the party and im just gonna stop before i get absolutely lost in the good music sauce POST-ANSWER EDIT: MY TRAINS AND FEAR AND DELIGHT ARE REALLY GOOD TOO BUT IM TOO LAZY TO GRAB LINKS FUCK

23. conversely, which song is the most relaxing? wraith pinned to the mist or pretty much ANYTHING by cavetown or hidden in the sand or oh klahoma i actually dont have too many answers for this one- most of my music makes me go apeshit, in hindsight

herobrined asked:

uhHh 5 and 16

5. least favorite band?
hm... thats a rlly good question actually i dont think ive really listened to a band ive actively HATED
i guess ill just say smash mouth since i cant think about any of their songs without thinking of shrek and i hate it

16. which song is the most relatable?
GOD i have too many songs like that... i guess probably either the past is a grotesque animal, gronlandic edit, that one song about coffee from that series jack stauber did with adult swim, this is home, or it's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine) but im sure theres a TON more that im forgetting right now akjhdfkg

15. what song is the best for sitting in a field full of flowers at the height of spring with nothing but the sun and the bumblebees and the love of your life for company?
-AMPERSAND BY THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS... its so soft,, the trap by tally halls kind of a close second but thats mostly because of the intro tbh

28. do you make music? if so, what do you play, if you play an instrument? what genre? do you sing?
-iiii actually dont make music at all. i mean i used to play the viola in like. 5th grade at least but i compLETELY forgot how to by now and i dont even know where the hell that thing is anymore kajhdfkg

sock asked:

what's your opinion on video game osts?
what's your favorite genre?
what's your least favorite genre?

  1. oh GOD theyre so valid dude. like i go absolutely ham over them. like you dont understand. for a year or two i went through a phase where literally all i listened to were the osts of all the touhou games. you dont fucking understnad how much i love osts

  2. indie!!! i guess? i honestly dont even know the genre of half the shit i listen to but im assuming its indie. rocks alright too but indies better

  3. ew literally any kind of metal. its just so screamy!! its so harsh!!! get that away from me! it all sounds the same to me anyway tbh kajdfhgj

themythicalumbreon asked:

I don’t think I’ve talked to you before but....... you are epic hours uwu

oh shit,,, :0

themythicalumbreon asked:

you’re not the only one snfjsjfksn but !! only the cis people who respect everyone are allowed here so go off

akjfdhgfhg yeehaw

sock asked:

5. What's your favorite part of drawing? (Lineart, coloring, etc...)
6. What's your least favorite part of drawing?

my dude youre a fucking godsend for sending the questions themselves instead of just the numbers. why dont more people do that. fuck why dont i do that

5. probably the coloring tbh? its really complicated and stupid and half the shit i do is so subtle noone even notices it but its just rlly relaxing for me and i just.. fuck dude [shakes my fist] i fucking love colors dude

6. UGH shading gives me a stroke like.. even if i were good at it its still so tedious,,, ew