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Sortinghatchats Official Quiz by ejadelomax

An interactive conversation to help guide readers through the Sortinghatchats system

So... sortinghatchats on tumblr made a quiz to determine where to fall on their Harry Potter house sorting method. I might've fallen out of love with the Harry Potter series a bit, but I really enjoy how sortinghatchats divides up the houses, so I took it!

If anyone else wants to repour with their results, feel free! For myself, I got Slytherin Primary Ravenclaw Secondary! ^^

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Primary Burned Hufflepuff... and Secondary Hufflepuff. Knew it...

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primary hufflepuff, secondary burned slytherin ...hmmm... okay then!

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i got primary burned hufflepuff and secondary gryffindor and. yeahj that pretty much sums me up big ...

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ok so, primary Gryffindor modeling Hufflepuff, which translate to putting fairness and loyalty reall...

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this quiz just read me like a book ...slytherin primary, hufflepuff secondary

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