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An Anonymous user asked:

you know... "butch" is a lesbian-specific term... right? bisexuals/biromantics have their own set of equivalent terms. it's disrespectful to be taking a lesbian identity when you're not a lesbian

peachy-queer -
  1. No it really really isn't.
  2. This divide between lesbians and bisexuals? It comes from the radical feminism movement. The same movement that says that men are always men, therefore trans women are men, and men are evil and are oppressing women, and the only women who aren't traitors are lesbians who never associate with a man.
  3. If you're referring to the stag/doe/tomcat thing, why do i, as a bi person, have to use animal terms for my sexuality/gender expression, while the lesbians get to use people terms? (hint, it's because to radfems, bi's are a lesser class of people because we are traitors to women because of our association with men)

I'd recommend reading up on queer history a bit. If you can safely do so, i'd highly recommend Leslie Feinburg's book, Stone Butch Blues. It's a heavy read, TWs for everything, but it really gives a good overview of queer history around the Stonewall era.

And also, dear anon, it is disrespectful to anonymously message random people on the internet and harass them about their identity. It's not the done thing, anywhere except Tumblr, and i'm sorry you have been taught that this is acceptable behavior. If you'd like to come off anon and have a conversation, i am willing to chat, and maybe we can both learn something.

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As a lesbian, people saying butch refers exclusively to lesbian women and nothing else is the dumbes...

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Also I’m not 100% because I can’t find the original articles I read (ages ago) anymore, ...

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Also, even as recent as the early 2010's? not only women, but gay and bi men, in addition to nonbina...

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i make a whole hyucking post about this, the original word literally just means masculine OR masculi...

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