tardigrade stan

hourhg,, sand/ivy - 16 - she/her - i like little creatures - icon by woodedhills on tumblr!

about me!

i go by either sand or ivy and use she/her! also im 16 in case youre weird ab minors or whatever idk ksjhfdgkj.. im also ace/aro!

my biggest interests at the moment are:

  • jack stauber

  • cosmo sheldrake

  • lemon demon

  • of montreal

  • tally hall

  • they might be giants

  • minecraft

  • undertale/deltarune

  • biology (ESPECIALLY microbiology/pathology!!!!)

  • shovel knight

  • general furry stuff
    and probably a hella lot more that im missing kajfhgkjfg

i have a shit load of ocs too!! feel free to ask me about them if you ever feel like it lol

im pretty bad with most conversation but if you ever feel like talking to me feel free to hmu!! :0

im super into roleplaying too if any of yall care and im also currently learning spanish!!! but im nowhere NEAR good enough to have a legit conversation yet kdjfhgkjhga

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